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What is Auxilia One?

A New York City based supporters' group for FC Cincinnati. We are Ohio expats, fans of FCC, and lovers of the beautiful game.

Who can join?

Anyone. Most events take place in Greater New York, but you will still receive membership perks no matter where you live.

Does Auxilia One have a board of directors?

No. Auxilia One operates a little differently than the bigger SGs in Cincinnati. We don't have a formal leadership.

How much will membership cost?


What are the membership perks?

One-year membership includes:

  • 2019 scarf

  • Invites to SG events

  • Newsletters emailed directly to you

  • Invite to Facebook group

  • Blog contributor

Where does my membership fee go?

Directly into the group. We will use membership fees for website maintenance, scarf production, tifo supplies, and group events.

How do I pay?

Paypal, Stripe, debit or credit card. You can also pay in cash at group events, in return you'll receive our 2019 scarf.

I can't afford a membership, what can I do?

Reach out to us at and we'll make sure you can get involved. Even if you don't pay for a membership, anyone and everyone can show up.

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