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2021 Auxilia One 'Cincinnatus' Scarf

2021 Auxilia One 'Cincinnatus' Scarf

After two years of consecutive wooden spoons, FC Cincinnati have been a difficult product to stomach even for the most dedicated supporters. Our 2021 scarf is a tribute to endurance as we continue on, knowing that good things take time. Our spin on the old expression, "Rome wasn't built in a day" is a fitting phrase for the club's third year in MLS, not only for the purpose of encouraging patience with the squad's form, but to celebrate the literal construction of our new grounds, West End Stadium. The new stadium is featured prominently on the back. On the same side, Cincinnatus - the Roman leader who quelled an attack on the new republic before giving up his power to tend to his farm - is featured giving up the 'fasces,' a symbolic axe representing absolute control. The same depiction of Cincinnatus can be seen at Sawyer Point along the Ohio River.


The front of the scarf features our name and two Rosco busts on either end. Roman numerals 'MMXXI' depict the current year and 'A1NYC' is our new abbreviated name. 


Thanks for the support. Reminder that this is a preorder. Scarves will be delivered in April.

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