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2021 Rosco's Revolution 'Naughty Punks Frig' Off!' Scarf

2021 Rosco's Revolution 'Naughty Punks Frig' Off!' Scarf

All profits from this product will go directly to


Ey everybody. this is my first scarf, baby. MY sg is called Rosco's Revolution cause I'm startin' a revolution an all. People are gonna know my name!! Even yesterday on the street some guy comin' out of the Dunkin' was like YO ROSCO and I was like eyooo. He kept asking why I don't have an 'E' at the end of my name. Friggin' idiot.


Anyway, this scarf is based off the Dead Kennedy's song, cept I can't say the actual words cause I might get in trouble, so I put "NPFO" on the back as an abbreviated version. I hope that even if people don't know what it is, the wearer can explain it to 'em and can promote discussion round it and stuff. But seriously, I been gettin' political these days an I didn't like seeing those jabaronis stormin' the Capitol tryna to takeover the government with their racist BS and authoritarian idol. That don't fly in Brooklyn and it shouldn't fly anywhere.


So instead of tryna indulge and stuff in my own thing, I wanted to make this scarf with a message. An ya know, I'm gonna do some good things with the money too. All profits will go to, a nice little group who's tryna to combat the growing threat of white supremacy, misogyny, and xenophobia and protest the normalization of fascist action.


That's it, baby. Join Rosco's Revolution TODAY. This scarf is much more meaningful than Auxilia One's dummy one about some dead Roman guy. BUY MINE. Anyways, I got some more stuff in the works so keep an eye out.




OH. I'm suppose to say that this is a preorder. Scarves will be delivered in April - not by me - rats ain't allowed in the Post Office. 

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