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Seamus Conway, Nov, 13th, 2018

FC Cincinnati's new badge for MLS.

The FC Cincinnati crest has been polarizing, which seems to be par for the course in the US in 2018. 


The new crest is simple, which you might take as 'timeless,' 'classic,' 'will age like fine wine,' or you might take as 'boring,' 'generic,' 'flat,' 'sux.'


You might already have the ink of the tattoo drying on your arm, or you might be hoarding as many t-shirts and hats with the old logo on it as possible. 


You might be reading this on your phone as you wait for you card chip to process as you check out of the downtown shop with tons of new swag or you might be reading this on the toilet producing something you think looks better than the new crest. 


You might have noticed it bears a passing resemblance to the MLS crest itself. I did. And so I made these as some sort of catharsis? I don't know. Too much time on my hands, I guess. Check them out:



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